Google Did You Mean Ads?

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Three hilarious new print ads for Google AdWords recently surfaced, created by the ad agency Grey in Istanbul, Turkey. These ads depict three misspellings and a “Did you mean?” Google search, along with the phrase, “We know what you are searching for, even when you don’t.”

Did you mean battleship? (battlesheep)

Google did you mean battleship?

In reality, shows 19,500 results for “battlesheep” with no “did you mean” suggestion.

Did you mean astronaut? (astronut)

Google did you mean astronaut?

A search for “astronut” does in fact return results for “astronaut” instead.

Did you mean jetlag? (jetleg)

Google did you mean jetlag?

A search for “jet leg” instead shows results for “jet lag”. And finally, a search for “jetleg” gives us the text “Did you mean: jet lag!”

Are The Google Ads Real?

At first I thought these might be fake, as in, not designed by Google but just for fun, but a rep told business insider that they are in fact real.

While incredibly creative & funny, I don’t quite understand why ads in Turkey are written in English with misspellings. Lucky for English-only speakers like myself, they are, otherwise these Google print ads would likely be lost in translation.

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