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The guys over at Floating Hands Studios have come up with some great videos, most of them making fun of different Marvel characters.  My favorites though, are the ones that poke fun at some of the…inconsistencies in the X-Men universe.  Below are some of my favorites.  They’re not very long, so I recommend you enjoy them all, and then head over to YouTube and view all of the Floating Hands Studios videos.  They’re awesome.

Death Becomes Them

It’s hard to think of a single X-Men or X-Men villain that hasn’t been thought to be dead at least once.  Thankfully, this video does a good job of pointing out the humor in that.  Also…I love that Wolverine is using a “Canadian accent” in this video.

Revisiting Profit

Sometimes the X-Men seem to be reliving the same stories over and over again.  Is this an accident, or are they perhaps just going with what’s worked in the past?  Only you can decide for sure.

Dark Phoenix Rising

Ah the Dark Phoenix Saga, perhaps the greatest, and most pivotal, storyline in X-Men history.  It would begin a trend of killing Jean Grey that continues to this day (and rightly so…she’s kinda annoying).  Also does a good job of pointing out how Wolverine is sorta overused in the title.

Phoenix Season (Dark Phoenix Rising Part 2)

Decrees are powerful things, especially when they’re from space.  This video shows why red heads are nothing but trouble – they become vessels for powerful cosmic forces bent on destroying the world.

Enjoy these?  Go check out the rest of Floating Hands Studios videos and let them know that you appreciate their brand of Marvel humor.

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