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At some point in everybody’s life they think about getting a tattoo.  Then one of three things happens:  you get a tattoo, you decide you don’t want to mark your body permanently, or you want a tattoo, but can’t decide what to get and so hold off.  Here are people that went with the first option.

Mowing the Lawn

Lawnmower tattoo

Every year men go bald.  It takes a special kind of  person to embrace it and have fun with it all at the same time.  While I imagine getting your skull tattooed hurts in unimaginable ways, kudos to this guy for accepting his baldness and having some fun with it.

Connect the Dots

Giraffe connect the dots tattoo

I am incredibly impressed by this tattoo.  This person has managed to take a piece of body art and make it interactive.  What’s really impressive is how long it must have taken to map out the dots in a way that would translate over to their body.


Hinges tattoo

Anybody that took high school biology knows that the elbows are hinge joints.  This person is just helping out anybody that wasn’t paying attention in class.

Atlas Shrugged

Atlas Shrugged Tattoo

You know what, if you’ve got the *cough* assets *cough* to pull off this tattoo, I salute you.  For anybody that is unfamiliar with Greek and Roman mythology, Atlas was a Titan whom carried the world on his back.


HTML Tattoo

I love nerds.  I really do.  Anybody that has enough of a sense of humor and geek cred to get this tattoo on their neck has my respect.


Computer ports tattoo

Not really a fan of the barcode (as it’s been done to death), but loving all of the computer ports below it.  A pair of Firewire ports and a printer port all add to the nerd feel of this tattoo.  If this person doesn’t work with computers, the tattoo may actually be even better…or the result of a lost bet.

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