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Glenn Jones is a graphic designer and illustrator from Auckland, New Zealand.  What started out as a hobby has become something more, and now the designs that he was submitting to other t-shirt companies are for sale on his own site.  These are some great funny t-shirts and since I don’t have them all here you should definitely check out his website ( for more great designs.

Baby Refill

I don’t have a baby, but I know this t-shirt speaks the truth.

Caged Pac-Man

All the pellets he can eat and no ghosts to chase him around.  This is what Pac-Man calls a vacation.


Like most clowns, Clownfish just aren’t that funny anymore.

Cocktail Party

I’ve done this at a cocktail party before – it was better received than you’d think.

Coffee Refill

This is me most Monday mornings.

Colonel Sanders

I never imagined there was so much structure to the KFC work force.

Crash Test LEGO

Crash Test LEGO dummies do a great service, testing to see which LEGO vehicles are most acceptable for LEGO families.

Crop Circles

Crop Circles – just shoddy landscaping by beings from another galaxy.

Cruise Ship Battle Ship

This is what really happened to Titanic.

Deflating Castle

As fun as this looks, you do it once and you’re put on a list that prevents you from ever going in a space bounce again.  Trust me when I say it’s not worth it.

Extreme Beginnings

Since bikes were first created man has longed to jump them off some wicked ramps.

Ghostbusters Pac-Man

My how the tables have turned.

Hannibal Gingerbread Man

I think this would be a much more funny t-shirt if it was a man in the suit with gingerbread men around him.


This would certainly add a different dynamic to the game

Lance Armstrong

I don’t think E.T. counts as a performance enhancing drug

LEGO Evolution

See I’m the kind of guy that would wear this funny t-shirt to church just to be an ass.


Putting this in McDonald’s stores would probably count as truth in advertising.

Name Supression

Some outfits are just iconic and no amount of face blurring is going to disguise an identity.


NASA really needs to get on this.  Probably cheaper in the long run.


Somebody had to catch Nessie eventually.

Smurf Soup

Gargamel finally won.

Space Defenders

The other side of the defender coin.

Spider Laundry

Even superheroes have to do their laundry, though I imagine the webbing would leave a sticky film on the nice clean clothes.

Stunt Snail

This can only end in tragedy.


If this is what fish were really like on the inside I would go fishing every day.

Tetris Wars

Make Tetris, not war.

Veggie Truck

This isn’t a funny t-shirt, it’s a horror.  A HORROR!

Water Polo

This is what I was expecting the first time I heard about water polo, not what it actually is.

Winnie the Pooh

The slippers lead me to believe that Tigger is the one that finally got him, which is funny because I always assumed it would be Rabbit.

Zombie Exercise

Zombies gotta stay fit if they’re going to catch the uninfected.

These aren’t all the funny t-shirts you can get from GLENNZ, so I definitely recommend checking out his site and ordering something.

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