Funny Siri Responses – Things to Know About Siri

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Siri, the personal assistant app for the iPhone, is not only a smart phone user’s dream, but she has a heck of a sense of humor.  Here are some of our favorites that not only make us laugh, but teach us important things about Siri.

Siri Has Neither the Time Nor the Patience for Your Austin Powers Quote Questions


That’s what you get, I think for asking any electronic device that question.

Siri is a Little Touchy About Space Odyssey References


That’s not the only one.


Siri doth protest too much, me thinks.


Siri caves in.

Siri Is Very Practical

Hide a Body

Let’s hope Siri doesn’t dial 911 after giving this advice.

Siri Gets Embarrased

i Cloud

We’d guess that it’s the language she’s blushing at, not the iCloud question?

Siri Does Have a Problem With Your Language

Justins Language

Don’t cuss at Siri.

Siri is MySIRIous


Better be careful you don’t tell Siri YOUR biggest secrets.

Siri Knows Everything


Everyone?  Really?

Siri Can’t Marry You


Convenient End User Licensing, eh?

Siri Has Attitude

Siri Has Attitude

Ask a stupid question…

Siri Can Be Tolerant

Siri is Tolerant

Obviously, this user doesn’t have enough work to do.

Siri Reads Douglas Adams

Siri Reads Douglas Adams

And what’s the question?

Siri is a Springsteen Fan

The Boss

Insert Tony Danza joke here.

What stupid questions have you asked Siri?  Send in your photos.

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