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Sometimes you come across a sign that just makes you shake your head.  Spelling, grammar, choice of words, or an obvious language barrier can change the meaning of something that was meant to be serious.

O% Off

0% Off Sign

Obviously something has fallen off this sign.  That being said, I’d be interested to know how many people demanded they get their 0% off selected items.

Armed Dog

Armed and Unmedicated Dog

German shepherds are scary enough as is, but arming one seems a bit overkill.  And why would you take it off its medication?  That’s just irresponsible.

Don’t Touch the Wires

Death and a $200 Fine

I feel as though there’s a death and taxes joke in here.  Tossing a fine on top of instant death seems like rubbing salt in the wound.  Of course if you’re dead you won’t feel that.

Girl Scouts

Dairy Queen Serving Girl Scouts

I’m not sure how Dairy Queen is preparing their Girl Scouts, but I have a feeling that unless they’re braising them for hours on end, it’s not going to make them any less tough.  Girl Scout feels like something Famous Daves should be serving, not the place I get my Blizzard from.

Unstable Cliffs

Unstable Cliffs

The cliffs have gone off their medication and are currently roaming the areas off the walking tracks and lookout points.  If you see one of the Cliffs during your time in the park, don’t make any sudden moves and alert a Park Ranger so that they can tranquilize it and get it the help it needs.

Neuter Your Pets

Neuter Your Pets and Weird Friends & Relatives

I feel that if Bob Barker had added the last part to his sign-off during his time on The Price is Right a lot more of us would have watched.

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