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Food is good. It nourishes us, it tastes great (usually), and most importantly, you can play with it for entertainment value. This will not be about the first two things you can do with food. No, this is about playing with your food, or more to the point, some funny food creations that I came across in my endless journey to find weird and funny things on the internet.

Banana Love

Not gonna lie, I went back and forth on calling this one “Banana Love” or “Banana Split” – one seemed less profane than the other.

Bender Egg

Bender makes everything better. Everything.

Boiled Egg

That’s a rough way to go

Broccoli Lovin'

Broccoli is a whore. I know it, and now you know it too.

Caught in the Act

You’ll always get caught…even if you’re a fruit.

Drunk Pumpkin

That’s a pumpkin that can’t hold his whiskey

Egg Crime Scene

On this episode of CSI: Egg Crate….

Pigs in a Blanket

This is less pigs in a blanket and more pigs in a papoose

Plantain Dog

It’s a weiner dog, but a plantain

Poodle Veggies

I just don’t get doing up a Poodle like that…even if it’s a veggie

Seed in the Oven

A seed in the oven. Get it?

Shaving Kiwi

We’ve all done it at least once

Soggy Flakes

Drowning in milk is a terrible way to go

Spongebob Banana

Spongebob is no less annoying as a banana than as a sponge

The Pirate Marshmallow

The dread pirate S’More makes another victim walk the blank into the chocolaty depths

Yolk Flower

You cannot in fact grow a flower this way.

I’m hoping the next time I’m at the state fair, there are concession trailers with cool designed foods like these.



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