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Careers Advisors with a nervous disposition look away now. The Yahoo! Answers site provides some of the worst assistance to jobseekers. The people asking the questions are just as bad. From the sublimely silly to the downright ridiculous, here are some of the most stupid but side-splittingly funny questions on the web:

This person is just inviting trouble with this question. Everyone knows a good sniper is positioned high and hidden, he obviously has little faith in his abilities.

Aw, I don’t know – good son, supportive boyfriend? I doubt there are “real, serious answers” to such a bizarre question.

Yeah, why not? Present the news as it happens. That wouldn’t be a massive conflict of interest at all. “This is Julie, bringing you the headlines from the frontline of today’s protests where I am kettling students. I can categorically state that the police are great and the students are annoying, my shift is almost over and I want to go home. Here’s Fred with the weather…”

Presumably this question arose from the John Terry scandal – getting sacked from his England Captaincy after bringing the game into disrepute with his actions (not specifically for cheating on his wife with another team-mate’s girlfriend). If not, one might assume this person has a guilty conscience.

A sad turn of events, but evidently true.

Lovely to see that Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett has found the time to answer this ridiculous question in such a succinct and apt way.

A basic course in English would help. Lots of successful and lucrative careers start with the ability to string a sentence together.

This is self-explanatory. Adding anything else to this would be dangerous.

Obviously a very silly question, but someone has taken the time to write a 317 word reply, explaining why this wouldn’t be a good vocation for making friends or attracting girls.

”Geeza” is well known for posting less-than-serious questions on Yahoo. The replies received are hilarious. It’s always surprising how many people lack a sense of humour.

Sadly the ‘best answer’ is erroneous. On Yahoo! Answers there are plenty of dummies.


Bitter employee perhaps? Answers on a postcard…


Unfortunately, due to cuts in fairyland, the Tooth Fairy is currently seeking employment. If anyone needs someone with a skillset that includes stealth, money distribution and a rudimentary knowledge of dentistry, please write in.


An injured footballer immediately springs to mind.

Yes, given that an agency’s most basic goal is to place candidates in employment, why would they want people who stand the best chance of being recruited? It’s a mystery.

What he said!

Maybe this is a joke…

But this certainly isn’t.

These crazy queries were sourced by the folks at online recruitment agencies directory .

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