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Freaky Long Fingernails

I think it’s fair to assume that we’ve all trimmed our fingernails back from time to time – some of us using nail clippers, others using less refined methods.  Either way, we all try to keep our fingernails at a reasonable length.  These people, however, have eschewed the use of nail clippers and have let their nails just grow.  These are some freaky long fingernails.

Cut Fingernails

I don’t think there’s anything like Locks for Love for fingernails, and let’s be honest it’d be kinda creepy if there was, but I’m guessing these would qualify if such a thing existed.  Good to see she finally trimmed them up, but creepy to see how long they were before she did.

Elderly Long Nails

Apparently this woman hasn’t cut her fingernails since before I was born…or in about 30 years.  Ew.

Face Framing

Not the worst ones on here, but the way they frame her face is a bit…freaky.

Ginger Nails

Not the longest ones I found, but the way they appear to be carved into talons certainly makes them one of the freakier sets of fingernails I managed to find.  To be honest…she scares me.

Long Blue Nails

There’s no missing those fingernails thanks to the polish she’s applied to them.

Long Spiral Nails

How can you do anything when your fingernails are like that?

Long Toe Nails

I just threw up a bit in the back of my mouth.

Man Long Nails

The longest set of fingernails on a single  hand.  Just ew.

Man Nails

The varying lengths and beginnings of curves make this one a bit freaky.

Ominous Nails

She looks like some twisted Bond villain.

Pink and Black Nails

It must be really hard to paint those freaky fingernails thanks to their curving around.

Sommelier Nails

Being able to grip a bottle of wine without actually using your hand is not something to be proud of.

Spiral Nails

These would make an awesome roller coaster design.  As fingernails they’re not so enticing.


Again with only having the freaky long fingernails on one hand.  I just don’t understand that, though I suppose it gives you at least one functional hand.  Kinda throws off your symmetry though.

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  1. Yuck, long ass nails always creep me out!!

    How can anyone do anything with these Freak Nails?

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  3. alex blanchard says:

    what the fuckkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!! No.

  4. disgusting XQ

  5. Anonymous says:

    ewww, feeling a little green

  6. I don’t think it’s all that ugly if the nails are well-kept. However, I think 2 cm is an absolute max length of what’s pretty. Longer than that it tends to grow out of shape. And those women with those extremely long nails- how do they do everyday stuff? Hire someone to do it for them? Hire someone to wipe their ass? Ew.

  7. short fingernails on a woman are ugly and ewwww, usually only on lesbians.

  8. i think long nails look good on women and the short ones denote manlyness which is the look a lot of so called women of today are gong for.

    short stubby nails are gross eeeeewwww.

  9. they can be cut but there way to long if they were shorter than that people would like them and how do u wash up and wash your hair and every thing. How do you go to work and pick up things and do every day things like that don’t make no since NERVER WOULD MY NAILS BE THAT LONG

  10. Natalie Jordan says:

    Ummmm no. Just no. I want my fingernails to be long but not THAT long. These people are sick. As a matter of fact I’m about to be sick, too. Just EW.