Five Things the Government has Done Right


Many Americans have come to believe that the United States government can’t do anything right. Universal healthcare, gay marriage, the debt ceiling and conflict in the Middle East have been causing major and long-lasting debate among politicians; many wonder how the government manages to accomplish anything at all. Despite the fact that Washington is deeply divided at present, it does have a history of enacting and funding projects that have had a major positive impact on the United States.

There are 65,000 miles of highway in the 50 states. Much of this makes up the interstate highway system that was built by the federal government. In fact, 23 percent of all roadway traffic is on interstate highway. Interstate usage is equal to one trip around the world for 37,000,000 people every year, or three trips around the world for each American starting from 1956.

Communications is another field that the government has made major contributions to. The federal government funded the development of the telegraph in the 1840’s and, within a decade of Samuel Morse’s first electric telegraph, 20,000 miles of cable had been installed. This accelerated American expansion. Eventually, Samuel Morse was involved with the creation of the first transatlantic cable, making communication much easier between the United States and Europe.

The government is also responsible for building communication satellites that have led to the proliferation of cable television, radio broadcasting and mobile apps. Additionally, these satellites have lowered costs of long distance calls from their original cost of $10/minute.

The American government is responsible for many more projects that have ultimately succeeded in improving American expansion and growth. These include education, energy supply and the public health. In this infographic, takes a look at these projects and shows you just how much the government can really get done.

5 Things the Government Has Done Right
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