Evolution of Evolution

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I think we’re all familiar with the image of a primate moving through the stages of evolution until it ends with modern man. However, there are plenty of far more humorous ways to approach that image, and that’s just the artists below have done.

Alien Evolution

One of the actual theories floating around out there is that humans evolved from life forms that came from another planet, and though I don’t think that theory meant like this.

Biking Evolution

I half expected this to turn into a LiveStrong advertisement at the end.

Fitness Evolution

It’s sad how accurate this evolutionary chain is.

Homer Evolution

I don’t think Homer is the most evolved thing on this chain.

Intelligent Design Evolution

Gotta love humor.

LEGO Aging Evolution

Using LEGOs to illustrate your point is always a good idea.

LEGO Evolution

The irony of my writing this at a computer desk is not lost on me.

LEGO Man Evolution

Yes boys and girls, the last thing LEGO people evolved was their head. True story.

Mans Evolution and Devolution

I prefer to think of this one as a sort of one step forward two steps backward evolutionary chain.

Mans Evolution

Sports and beer are about as men ever evolve – I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t true.

Men and Women Evolution

A somewhat more…graphic idea belief on how men and women evolved.

Nuclear Evolution

Isn’t this how Marvel says we all get mutant powers?

Pollution Evolution

It’s sad because it’s true.

Stroller Evolution

If you consider the stroller another appendage it really is just another step in the evolutionary chain.

Working Evolution

All of life is cyclical.

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