Disney Princesses by J Scott Campbell

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Hope he doesn’t mind if we show you these.  They are comic book re imaginings of the Disney Princesses.  Wowza.  We’ve covered the Disney Princess territory before, with those Disney Vogue covers we ran a while back.  These reworkings (re-imaginings?) are a tad, well, sexier.  Almost to the point of *ahem.*  Just barely SFW, folks.  That’s why we placed the pics after the jump.  First I want to tell you about the artist, J Scott Campbell.

First off, his FAQ is in some sort of magic code.  So you won’t find any information there, unless YOU KNOW HIS SECRET CODE.  What you can learn from his website is that he is a seasoned comic book artist and he also creates and co-creates such wonders as “GEN 13” and “Danger Girl” and he’s working on a Spider-man project.  SPIDER-MAN.  These images are from his 2012 Fairytale Fantasies calendar, and more.  Keep going only if you don’t mind scantily clad cartoon women.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Alice 2

A character originally created by Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll), Disney made their animated version in 1951. It was a  flop at the box office but saw a rise in popularity…around the same time psychedelic drugs became popular.  It was not, however, the first movie version of Carroll’s story.  A silent film that came out in 1903, another silent film came out in 1910, and yet ANOTHER silent film was released in 1915.  The first talkie about Alice came in 1931, and the list goes on and on.  This comic version of Alice is certainly the most voluptuous I’ve seen.  I would think one would want to wear pants while sitting on mushrooms.  Call me a prude…

The Little Mermaid


I know grown-ass men know go ga-ga over the Disney version of The Little Mermaid.  Wonder what they’ll think of this?

Ariel 2

“The Little Mermaid,’ (pre-Disney) was a story written by Hans Christian Andersen and it was sort of a sad, sadistic tale of woe and maybe even social repression.  It’s been a story, an opera, a famous sculpture…it’s been plays, movies, and songs.

Ariel 3

The Disney film was released in 1989 and earned $84 million in box office revenue.  It was a big deal.  And, as everyone remembers, an accidental rush job led to phallic symbols on the cover to the VHS release.  Because artists – they accidentally draw enlarged penises all the time, right?



I’m so sure Wendy wore that outfit around her little brothers.

Wendy 2

Wendy, a character created by J.M. Barrie, isn’t technically a princess.  And neither is….



But she sure is sassy.

Tinkerbell 2

From Disney mascot to dorm room wall material in the blink of an eye.

Want to see more?  Campbell has drawn up more of your favorites, like Snow White, Belle from Beauty and the Beast (yowsa), and more.  We maaaayyyy do a part 2, if you comment enough.  So, go ahead.

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