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Cats, dogs, rabbits and hamsters are your typical cute animal, perfect as pets and great to cuddle and handle. There are some more unusual but equally cute animals around however, all is not as it seems as some are as deadly as they are sweet. Here is the lowdown on the fluffy but fierce brigade and why they are not as sweet as they look.

Slow Lorises

These furry little creatures are one of the most adorable species on earth. They have huge eyes, beautiful faces and are extremely shy, only coming out when there is no one around or at night. However, as cute as they are, these little mammals can give out a nasty bite which is so toxic it has been known to kill humans.

Polar Bear

These beautiful creatures are graceful, elegant and mind their own business most of the time. Watching them from afar can be an amazing experience but get too close and you will feel their wrath. They typically shy away from confrontation but when pushed by either hunters or inquisitive animals they can kill in one fell swoop. They are one of the largest predators on the planet and have a huge amount of strength so while they look cute, they are extremely dangerous.




A baby dingo is about as cute as one of those expensive fluffy handbag dogs and could easily be mistaken as a family pet you could take for a walk. However, there is one big difference with these animals to your normal pet shop furball – they are feral and vicious. If they like the look of something for dinner or feel threatened they will attack in a heartbeat and are very very dangerous. They also go about their business in packs meaning any poor victim is immediately outnumbered.

Poison Dart Frog

These are probably one of the prettiest creatures that live above the water and come in every colour under the sun. However, their bright and beautiful colourings are actually a warning to other animals that if they dare try and mess with them they will be sorry. The poison dart frog is extremely toxic and can kill small animals by simply being touched as their poisons come through their skin. Pretty to look at but any more than that and you may regret it.


For hundreds of years, in fairytales, films and fables, swans have represented beauty and grace with the fairytale ‘The ugly duckling’ aimed solely around the beauty of the swan. However, in reality, swans can be vicious, dangerous creatures which lash out when protecting their family and young. They can also be particularly cruel to other birds and are known for drowning any they take a dislike to.


Chimpanzees have long been portrayed as mans friends and have been shown to show emotions in the same way humans do. Some people have even kept the animals as pets claiming they have a bond or friendship with them but the truth is that chimpanzees are one of the most dangerous and unpredictable species on the planet. There have been reports of serious mauling and even deaths among humans simply because they tried to befriend a chimp. Although they look cute, a lot of the time they don’t think the same about us so best to stay away.


Baby hippopotamuses are gorgeous and very playful. They appear to have fun in groups just as human children do and mind their own business most of the time. However, out in the wild it’s not the baby ones you need to keep an eye on and more so the adults which, at a moment’s notice can charge and crush you. They are herbivores and so there is no danger of being munched on but their territorial instinct alone could finish you off.

Australian Box Jellyfish

This creature is so beautiful it is almost magical and moves with such elegance the contestants on Strictly would do well to take note. However as amazing as it looks you wouldn’t want to be too near it in the water as it is so venomous it could kill you and fifty others with its tentacles. Watching them in a controlled tank environment is a fabulous experience but that is as near as you want to get!

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