Creepy Justin Bieber Drawings

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Ok, I suppose it could be argued that the title features some redundancies, but work with me here. Now, as an adult (not saying how old I am), I don’t actually listen to Justin Bieber. The only reason I even know who this kid is is because Joel McHale makes fun of him on The Soup. Now, like all teen-idols before him, Justin Bieber is the subject of much…adoration by his fans. Some of these fans have even drawn pictures of him. Not all of them are good. Here are some of the best worse drawings of Justin Bieber for your viewing….let’s go with pleasure.

Anime Justin Bieber

Really not sure how I feel about Justin Bieber being drawn as an anime character.

Back of Bieber's Head

I’m working under the assumption that this is supposed to be the back of Justin Bieber’s head…otherwise I just don’t know what to think.

Beaver Bieber

Heh…Bieber. Beaver. Friggin’ hilarious.

Big Lipped Justin Bieber

I think it’s the lips on this one that make it so creepy. It’s like he had them done to make them bigger. Ugh.

Chibi Justin Bieber

If Bieber didn’t need the anime treatment he really didn’t need the Chibi treatment. Just saying.

Coloring Book Bieber

I just have a problem with a coloring book-style drawing of a real person.

Computer Drawn Justin Bieber

This looks like somebody drew it on a computer using some crappy CAD program.

Hooded Justin Bieber

Again with the lips

Justin Bieber on a Unicorn

I just don’t even know what to do with this.

Kid Drawn Justin Bieber

This looks like it ended up on a fridge at somebody’s house.

Poutine Justin Bieber

Poutine is a Canadian dish consisting of French fries, cheese curd, and brown gravy. This is Justin Bieber made out of Poutine. What the hell Canada?

Realistic Justin Bieber

This one is creepy because of how realistic it is.

Realistic Justin Bieber 2

Second verse same as the first.

The Fonz Bieber

I felt like he was trying to channel the Fonz in this image.

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