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A full-time web developer, wife, and mom-of-two in Richmond, VA still finds time every morning to make these amazing bento box lunches for her kids.  Where she finds the energy, I have no clue.

Bunny Bento

PB &J shaped like a bunny, with eyes and a mouth.  Wonder if these kids know how lucky they are to have such a clever mom?

Caterpiller Bento Box

All that fresh fruit is so healthy, that it makes up for the fact that the caterpillar is made from popcorn chicken.  You have to have some protein, right?

Chicks in a Nest Bento

I’m guessing these are mozzarella balls, but I’m not sure.

Egg Garden Bento

Again with the tiny banana.  So cute.  Plus, scrambled eggs, stuffing, broccoli, cucumber, and M & Ms for dessert.

Flower Garden Bento

The alternate version of the lunch above it, this has little flower sandwiches instead of the scrambled eggs, and cookies instead of M & Ms.

Gnome Bento

See how she carved the radishes into mushrooms?  And how the little gnome is made of radish?  And the carrots are cut into flowers?  See that?

Happy Frog Bento

This lunch was created especially for her daughter’s dissection day at school.  The rice is flavored and colored green, for frogs.  The whites of the eyes are goat cheese (probably those little chicks earlier were, too) and the smile and the pupils are made out of nori.

Ms Pac Man Bento

Ms. Pac Man is, I believe, a sandwich with the cheese on top.  The ghosts are made out of potatoes, cut and baked.  It’s all on a bed of re-fried beans and shredded cabbage.

Octopus Bento

Octopus and squid hot dogs on a bed of blue ramen, fresh fruits and veggies, and ginger cookies.

Penguin Bento

Penguin hot dogs on ICEBERG lettuce.

Polar Bear Bento

Rice polar bears, cut veggies, and ham and cheese.

Smiling Pi Bento

For “Pi” day, perogies with happy faces, snap peas, grapes, carrots, and more.

St Patricks Bento

Lime and cilantro flavored rice balls and bean sprouts, olives, lima beans, and all sorts of yummy things.  All green in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Tulip Bento

Tulip hot dogs on cabbage salad, lima beans with cheese slices, and all sorts of other yummy treats.

You can learn more about Tiffany on her blog, and you can buy your own bento boxes locally or online and try some creations of your own.  If you do, send us pictures and we’ll post them!

Bento Boxes From The Internet

We found some other cool bento boxes out there on the web.  Check them out.

Andy Warhol

If you eat this one, you get to hang out with Nico.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds?

Bill Gates

If you’re a Windows user, you might find this unappetizing.


Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good lunch.


Cute, but I wouldn’t eat it.


Very artistic bento box of a very artistic lady.


Do you play with them, or eat them?

Monsters Inc

Very cute idea.


This bento box looks super healthy.  Mozart, however, was not.


*cue Beatles song.


I wonder how it tastes. You’d have to really like Nori.

Salvador Dali




South Park

Seriously Guys.

Tiger Woods

The other layer of this Bento box moved back to Sweden, and took the baby bentos with it.


If you eat this and then clap your hands, will another one appear?



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