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Comically Bad Hair Styles

We’ve all made questionable hair style decisions.  But there’s shaving your head when you have a bumpy head, and then there’s doing something just so comically bad that somebody had to take a picture and post it on the internet.  Some of these pictures are of celebrities, some are not, and one could be you.

Dazed and Confused

It takes a special kind of person to let this happen to their hair.  I really want to believe that this was a prank done to him, but the glazed over look on his face leads me to believe he did it to himself thinking it would be a good look.

Blown Out Facial

I can’t decide if this hair is bad or if he’s my new personal hero.  Either way that’s commitment to both head and facial hair.  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that he’s single.

Dennis Rodman

I’m sure everybody knew The Worm was going to be on here.  Say what you will about his insane appearance, the man could play basketball.

Eraser Head

Call it an extreme fade cut all you want, this comically bad hair style is a pencil eraser in my book.

Forehead Hair

Between the manicured eyebrows, facial hair, and strands of hair covering up what appears to be a receding hair line, is it really any surprise that this man was a pimp?

Hat Hair

Giving a whole new meaning to the term “hat hair”.  I hate puns too, but it had to be said.

It's Electric

Phil Spector is wealthy and yet he still let himself be seen in public like this.  I’m thinking an insanity plea should have been entered on his behalf.

Lost Bet

I really want to believe that he lost a bet to end up with this face framing hair style.  But then I could be wrong.

Mess of a Style

Man I hate little scenester emo kids.

Obama Cut

Supporting your political candidate is all well and good, but next time you might just want to go with a bumper sticker or a pin on your shirt.

Party in the Back

There are mullets, and then there’s this comically bad hair style.  This isn’t even business in the front, it’s scary in the front, crazy in the back.

Rhino Hair

While I’m pretty sure this hair was done for a magazine, it still warrants attention.  That’s a hair rhino.  I’ll say it again.  A hair.  Rhino.

Robert Pattinson

You knew this one was coming too.  Dude, Pattinson – you’re rich and famous…pay somebody to style that mess for you.

Russell Brand

Russell Brand has stated that it’s a good thing he’s famous as his hair style only works if you’re famous, or insane.  He’s a bit of both really.


Oh American Idol, you’ve given us so much pain, but at least you offered up Sanjaya to us, who became as well known for his comically bad hair styles as for his singing.  Thanks Idol.

Sideburn to Mustache

The whole thing is just spectacular.  The sideburns, the hair, the handlebar moustache.  You just don’t see hair like that anymore.

Soccer Poof

Soccer players are notorious for their over the top hair.  This one may actually take the cake though.

Tennis Ball

I don’t care how big a fan of tennis you are, there’s no excuse to shave your hair into the pattern of the seam on a tennis ball and dye it white.  That’s not support, that’s comically bad.

Uber Mohawk

The hole in the ozone?  This guy right here caused it getting his hair to do things that gravity wouldn’t normally allow.

Vanilla Ice

The etched in lines on the side, the shock of blonde, the whole thing just lended itself to what was a comically bad style in general.  Don’t worry, we’ll always hold you in our hearts Vanilla Ice.

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  1. nocturnesthesia says:

    The “scary in the front, crazy in the back” is kind of cool, actually. If nothing else, I respect the amount of commitment required to look like that.

    Pattinson looks like someone’s grandmother.

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  3. I think you mean 'hole in the ozone'. Maybe there's a 'whole' in your dictionary :P

  4. you missed Wayne Static from Static X

  5. I_dont_even_know says:

    Why not Amy Whinehouse man she is ugly.

    • Amy Winehouse was a beautful, talanted woman. It’d me nice if you show some respect after she passed away you kno

  6. The emo girl is cute and I like her hair style. : )

  7. None of your jokes were very funny and the fact that you spelled 'hole' wrong makes you look like a retard. In closing you suck and are not funny

  8. I don't know who #5 from the bottom is, but that is awesome.

  9. I agree with Christer.

  10. you people are such haters! you hate us sinister emo kids? for 1 it is scene and 2 dont act like you know anything all of us are the same and your just mad bc we look so much better then u prepy norms. not to include the fact that you couldnt look like that if you tryed and you couldnt pull it off. and her hair is great btw and also the super phenix hawk

  11. you people are such haters! you hate us sinister emo kids? for 1 it is scene and 2 dont act like you know anything all of us are the same and your just mad bc we look so much better then u prepy norms. not to include the fact that you couldnt look like that if you tryed and you couldnt pull it off. and her hair is great btw and also the super phenix hawk

    • Scene is dead now, garbage bag. Lrn2hipster

    • shelsey calvillo says:

      I LUV SCENE KIDS at least their not stupid emo posers that hate life but enjoy it and think their cool

    • You’re an idiot. Stop tagging yourself and get a life. Don’t call yourself a “sinister emo kid” because truth is, you’re not sinister at all. “Preppy norms” or whatever the hell that is, means nothing. They’re just normal people, unlike you who isn’t happy with their own gd life and thinks they need to “act out” and be “rebellious” when all you’re really doing is looking like a complete and utter idiot. Shut the eff up.

  12. The girl with the racoontails in her hair, i think it looks nice!xD

  13. Amazing Vanilla Ice Sanjaya complete nobodies
    BUT still DONALD TRUMP some how doesn’t
    Make the list. Can I shake who wrote this and
    scream what happened?! Right in their ear!
    I waited and waited and Vanilla Ice was the finale! Amazing Trump should’ve been the Finale save the best for last! I mean sure all the guys on this list had messes of hair and questionable hair but Trump has far worse hair then some of them and he’s a billionaire!

  14. Btw don’t listen to the people bitching about the spelling,or saying you weren’t funny they are pompous showoffs,and have no sense of humor. You were funny and you made 1 mistake big whoop some people need to get a life.

  15. The girl that you said “Man I hate little scenester emo kids.” I know on facebook. She has multiple pictures like that. I think she’s hot. Btw it’s kinda retarded to take random peoples photos like that and make fun of them. I’m going to give her this link.

  16. Mexicanzombies says:

    The scene girl’s hair is nice, but I think its a little too poofy. If she were to scale down the poofy-ness, it would look awesome. It still does. Don’t get me wrong. Just a little too poofy.

    And I agree on R. Pat.’s hair. He looks like a damn hobo.

  17. …..i think the scene girl looks pretty as does the “scary in the front, crazy in the back” girl…..theyre just expressing themselves and i think it looks fucking awesum

    oh, and the guy with the 3ft mohawk probably had it that way for a contest of some sort, hater

  18. ‘Whole in the ozone’? Learn to spell. That is why you are writing for the internet and not a magazine or newspaper.

  19. Natasha Vanity says:

    really, you hate scene kids, I think her hair is awesome and she is really pretty

  20. maybeitsjustme says:

    where the hell is donald trump, if there ever was a jacked up hairdo, he has one.

  21. the girl with the pink flower and dyed stripes was mad cute to me

  22. scene girl is bawwmm <3 (: