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I know that most people don’t really look through the classifieds anymore (mostly because most people don’t read the paper any more), but if you do, there’s a good chance you’ll find something like these.

Free to Good Home

Cat or Husband to Good Home

The thing I really want to know is a) if anybody called, and b) if they did call, which did people inquire about.  Cats are easy to come by, but I know plenty of women that would kill for an employed husband.

China Seafood Restaurant Correction

China Seafood Restaurant Correction

First, I’m impressed with the paper for using the Chinese characters.  That being said, this strikes me as the kind of thing that should be put on a sign in the store or in a more specialized newspaper.

Dog for Sale

Scary Dog for Sale

The description of this dog makes it seem like the perfect dog give a good home to.  The picture, however, probably became a real problem for anybody not looking for a dog to guard the junkyard.  If this was the best picture they had I’m scare of what the other ones look like.  And as an aside, no Rottweiler should ever be name Mr. Giggles.  Ever.

Time Travel

Time Travel Classified

This may actually be the greatest ad I’ve ever seen.  This person is either in need of serious mental help, or may be the greatest comedian on the face of the planet.  Assuming that this isn’t a joke, I really hope somebody called to take the trip and video taped the whole thing.

Used Tombstone

Used Tombstone for Sale

The fact that somebody is offering a used tombstone for sale doesn’t really bother me.  What bothers me is the name on the tombstone.  If the tombstone had “Steve Smith” carved on it, there’s a good chance you could actually sell it assuming there’s no dates on there.  But HendelBergenHeinzel?  Come on.  I’m amazed you got that carved on there in the first place.

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