Changing the Face of Mobile Gaming

Video Games

The evolution of video games has been rapid as improvements in technology have allowed for new innovations in game design. Major game companies such as Ninetndo and Sony have offered better graphics and audio capabilities with every new game console, creating jobs and profits for designers and hours of fun for gamers.

However, mobile games have grown exponentially. Designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices such as phones and tablets made by different companies, their wide availability, low price, low production costs and, of course, mobility have made mobile games appealing to casual, hard core gamers and designers alike.

Without having to worry about the latest graphical capabilities, designers can focus on user friendliness and making their games well, fun. Game developer salaries have grown by about 50% in the past decade and the game industry generated almost as much revenue as the U.S.’s current national debt. The Apple iOS has almost 600,00 applications to date.

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