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Have you ever seen a dog that reminded you of someone and could not figure out who it was? Well maybe it was your favorite celebrity that they looked like. Here are a collection of dogs who look like a certain celebrity. It is amazing how closely they resemble each other and makes you wonder if there is dog out there that looks like you.

Lady Gaga = Hairless Chinese Crested


Lady Gaga is known for her wild and crazy outfits but I bet she never thought she would be compared to a hairless Chinese crested dog. The dog shares Lady Gaga’s hair style in this photo.

Taylor Swift = Saluki


Taylor Swift is one of a kind  but she may have a twin. A beautiful saluki dog who resembles the young singer.

Whoopi Goldberg = Puli

Whoopi Goldberg is known for her many movies and her comedy but she better watch out or she may be mistaken for this breed of dog called a puli.

Brad Pitt = Schnauzer

Brad-Pitt- Dog

Brad Pitt has been one of the most handsome men in Hollywood for years but it looks like his looks have gone to the dogs. With his beard that he now wears he looks more like a Schnauzer than a leading man.

Jack Black = French Bulldog


Jack Black is known for his comedy and off the wall antics but he probably never thought that he would have a twin in a french bulldog.

Matt Damon = Labrador Retriever


Matt Damon is a great actor who can win anyone over with his great smile but he is not the only one with a great smile. Check out this Labrador retriever smiling like the star.

Eric Stonestreet = Chow


Eric Stonestreet is known for his character on Modern Family who is a funny man but here he strikes a serious pose that looks very much like a Chow.

Britney Spears = Pomeranian


Britney Spears got her start in the mickey mouse club but it is not a mouse that she looks like but this cute Pomeranian.

Snoop Dog = Doberman


Snoop Dog is an awesome rapper but he actually looks like the animal he is named after. This doberman looks similar to Snoop.

Cher = Afghan Hound


Cher has had many looks throughout the years but her recent one makes her look like an Afghan Hound.

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