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Is a knitted swimsuit top really the best material for a swimsuit? I know, who cares as long as swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker is wearing it. Who is Brooklyn Decker? Well, here is a short bio on Brooklyn provided by

Brooklyn Decker, 23, was born in Middletown, Ohio, and raised in Charlotte, N.C. She was discovered at age 16 in a mall, and began her career as the face of Mauri Simone. She has been featured in Teen Vogue, GQ, Cosmopolitan, FHM and Glamour as well as in campaigns for Gap and Victoria’s Secret and in music videos for Jimmy Buffett and 3 Doors Down. This is Brooklyn’s sixth Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue appearance.

Brooklyn Decker was photographed by Warick Saint in Peter Island, British Virgin Islands. Swimsuit by Caffe Swimwear. Unfortunately she has misplaced her swimsuit top. Models can be so forgetful.

Brooklyn Deck photo by Warwick Saint, wearing a swimsuit by Naila Swimwear. I guessing this a giraffe print which means they ran out of zebra and jaguar prints. Sorry, giraffe, it was just your time.

Swimsuit by RYGY and worn by Sports Illustrated model Brooklyn Decker. She looks surprised in this photo. Didn’t any tell her a photo shoot was going on?

Brooklyn Decker photo – Swimsuit by Luli Fama, cleavage by Brooklyn Decker. I think I like the Brooklyn Decker cleavage better.

Brooklyn Decker in Peter Island (notice how I didn’t make any childish jokes about Peter Island.) wearing a weird swimsuit that looks like it as put together by a kindergarten class and it looks just as sturdy as that as well. But really the swimsuit was by Debbie Wilson for Maui Girl.

The last of the Brooklyn Decker photographs and what better way to end this than with Brooklyn’s end. Cute tush wrapped up in an swimsuit by Anna Kosturova.


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