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I have friends and relatives that send me e-cards for my birthday every year.  It’s nice that they remember my birthday, and I’m all about cutting down on the amount of paper in  my house, as well as people saving on postage.  I personally don’t send e-cards, because I can’t even remember my OWN birthday, and because the only ones I like are super-rude and inappropriate.  Like the Bluntcards you see below.  They aren’t for everyone, and we’ve only listed the PG-13 or cleaner cards (and not even all of them) here.  You have to check out their website at for the raunchier (and probably more hilarious) ones.  Unlike some jerk on Tumblr, I’m not cropping out the Bluntcard credit.

You can also order their designs on magnets and also paper cards, in case you have friends and family with senses of humor and you have enough money for postage.  Good for you.

Holiday Bluntcards

April Fools

One of several April Fool’s Bluntcards.


I’m surprised nobody has sent me this one yet.

Happy Halloween

I couldn’t choose between this Halloween e-card…

Halloween Cat

and this one.

mothers day

A Mother’s Day e-card.  They also have Christmas, Father’s Day, Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.

Birthday Bluntcards

Happy Birthday

You know you’ve thought it.


*insert joke about being old to round it out*

Happy Birthday to Me

Don’t forget.

Belated Birthday

The next time someone forgets your birthday, now you know what to say.

Random Bluntcards

beautiful on the inside


Dane Cook

I dare somebody to send this to Dane Cook.


Bilingual bad parenting.


FB fun.

Feeling Good

That’s what friends are for.


You did, you Lady Jerk.


There are so many times I could have sent this.

Truly Happy


Wonderful Life

Succinct.  To the point.

Road Un Rage

That’s what anti-depressants are for.


Probably created for that debacle back in May, but still applicable today.

get thee to church

I think that’s a good place to stop.

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