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Bizarre Black and White Photos to Make You Say, Huh?

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes those words pretty much just amount to “huh?” Over at Black and WTF they’ve amassed an amazing collection of old black and white photos that just sort of make you scratch your head. Don’t believe me? Here’s a sample of what they have found, and they’re always taking more submissions, so if you have some strange photos stuffed in an old shoe box you should definitely send them over.

Baby and the Fat Lady

Baby Smoker

The youngest greaser ever

Bear Attack

Bears continue to be a threat to America to this day.

Big Boots

I don't want to see the person that fits that boot.

Bike Rider

Apparently riding a bike in the old days required you to look like a monster from a children's story

Boxing Widow

She’s in mourning…and in training.
Chicken Glory Hole

Either that boy or that chicken have a lot to answer for.

Circus Bikes


This just broke my mind.

Gas-mask Burlesque

Vintage Burlesque Girls in gas masks, of course. That seems totally natural.

Gentleman Skeleton

That is the most dapper skeleton I've ever met

Love your Bones

Now that's a player of a skeleton

Panda Goalie

Everyone knows that Panda bears make better mid-fielders.

Penguin Gangs

In the old days there were roving bands of penguin gangs. Fighting them off are why the little guys are now endangered.

Smoking Child and Chicken

What is it with chickens, children, and smoking in the past?

Stained Mattress

I don't want to know.


Wave for the Shotgun

We Should Worry

Why is that painted on a barrel?

Weird Halloween

That kid is never going to sleep again.

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