Bizarre DUI Arrests 2012


Police officers see all sorts of strange things when they arrest people for driving drunk, or DUI. As you might expect, people who are wasted and dumb enough to get behind the wheel of their Chevy aren’t always making the wisest decisions at the time. Below are some of the most bizarre DUI arrests that have occurred in the US this year.

1. The Bleeding Drunk


In Vallejo, CA, a DUI checkpoint was set up to catch drunk drivers. One of the men who pulled up to the checkpoint in a Camaro. The police on the scene noticed two things right away. First, he was drunk. Second, he was bleeding profusely from at least one stab wound to the chest. The 55 year-old man was in and out of consciousness both from the loss of blood and the booze. Apparently, he was stabbed when he was giving another drunk a ride home.

2. The Drunk Cop


In Kansas City, a detective in internal affairs was being investigated for driving drunk. She managed to wreck her unmarked police cruiser while she was drinking. The police officer’s car went over the median and went through the lanes on the other side before sliding into a ditch. She would not take sobriety tests, closed her eyes when the police tried to track her eye movements. She was arrested for DUI and reckless driving.

3. The Half Naked Drunk


In Tuscon, AZ, a young woman was passed out drunk at a green light. When the police went to the car, her dress was pulled up over her waist and her underwear was on the floor. The police officer tried to wake her up but could not. He could smell a very strong odor of rum in the car, and after a few minutes the woman finally woke up. She asked him what was the matter, and was arrested at that point for DUI

4. Drive Through Drunk


Arby’s employees in Boulder, CO came to work one morning and discovered a large hole in the wall in the back of the restaurant. Apparently the driver missed the drive through and ran into the building. She also managed to take out a bus shelter on the side of the road. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries.

5. The Sobbing and Begging Drunk


In HI, the boyfriend of a drunk woman was called to pick her up from a party. He showed up to get her, but she decided to go for a drunk drive. She hopped into the car and started driving. Up a dead end street. She ended up smashing into the house at the end of the street, and onto the back patio of the house. The owners were upstairs in bed, and came down to find the drunk woman on the ground next to the car. She was crying and begging them to not tell her mother or the police. She was arrested for DUI.

6. The Motorized Barstool Drunk


In OH, you can and will be arrested for driving anything while intoxicated. This includes even a homemade barstool on wheels. An OH man made himself a motorized barstool, and crashed it into a tree when trying to do a 180 degree turn. He called 911, and found himself being arrested for DUI. The barstool was capable of going 40 MPH, and had a 5 HP motor and steering wheel.

Next time we’ll focus on reckless drivers of the female persuasion. Just kidding.

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