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Twitter continues to grow in popularity, with even mainstream news networks (and FOX News), making it a part of their programming.  While the average person may continue to embrace Twitter, and several have even attained celebrity through it, everybody has their favorite celebrities to follow through Twitter – and these are people that were famous before Twitter.  A note – I will not be including Ashton Kutcher on this list – that man is in too many places and he’ll not find his way onto this one.  Nobody needs that many followers.

Conan O’Brien (@ConanOBrien)

Coco is coming back to television tonight, and while he only follows one random person, he certainly has his fair share of followers.  If you’re a fan of his television show, you’ll be a fan of his Twitter account as well, as his great sense of humor carries through.

Shaquille O’Neal (@THE_REAL_SHAQ)

Arguably one of the better athlete Twitter accounts, and certainly one of the more regularly updated ones.  Shaq’s good nature and fun sense of humor do a great job of coming through on the twitter feed and if you’re going to follow one athlete, it might as well be somebody with a sense of humor.

Rachel Maddow (@maddow)

Whatever your political leanings, Rachel Maddow is funny.  Sure, she’s funnier to those on the left, but there’s no denying that she’s smart and worth following on Twitter as she’s one of the more active journalist/political figures on the service.

Kim Kardashian (@KimKardashian)

There’s probably no celebrity more active on Twitter than Kim Kardashian.  Whether you like her or not, there’s no denying that she does an amazing job of promoting herself through services such as Twitter and her blog.  If you want to see how celebrities should use Twitter to promote things they’re working on, than give Kim’s feed a look.

Stephen Fry (@StephenFry)

It should be noted that Stephen Fry is English, and so some of his humor may be lost on American followers.  That being said, he’s clever and reminds me of classics like Monty Python with his humor that can be both silly and smart all at the same time.

John Cleese (@JohnCleese)

Speaking of Monty Python, it’s John Cleese.  I don’t know that anything else really needs to be said.

John Hodgman (@hodgman)

Whether you know him from the I’m a Mac/I’m a PC commercials or from his time on The Daily Show, you know that John Hodgman’s brand of dry humor is great, and he’s managed to translate it well to the Twitter format.

Rainn Wilson (@rainnwilson)

I personally don’t watch The Office (no emails please), but I hear good things about it, and in particular, Rainn Wilson.  I’ve looked through his Twitter feed, and I have to say that it’s good stuff.  Might even have to start watching old episodes of The Office.

Rob Corddry (@robcorddry)

Another The Daily Show alumn.  He can get a little NSFW, but let’s be honest, what else would you expect from Rob Corddry (if you’ve seen any of his movies you know what I’m talking about)?  While he promotes his projects just like any other celebrity, he’s also just as likely to respond to tweets at him, so be careful when mentioning him as you might just get called out.

Joel McHale (@joelmchale)

Between his work on Community and The Soup I honestly don’t know how Joel McHale has time to Twitter, but he does, and it’s great.

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