Banana Sculptures

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Now, we at Digital Bus Stop have featured our fair share of food art, but this next set may actually be our favorite. While lots of people can draw on eggs or carve a pumpkin, it takes a certain type of skill to carve a ripe banana. That, however, is just what Japenese artist y_yamaden has done. Below are some of his creations, but you should definitely follow the previous link to his arts page to see some of his other works.

Banana Bee-hive Hair

This is what I imagine Marge Simpson would look like as a banana carving.

Banana Brain Monster

The most impressive part of this carving is the tongue.

Banana Davey Jones

The detail work on the tentacles from this Pirates of the Caribbean character is amazing.

Banana Dragon

I like how the peel is almost made to look like wings.

Banana Face

The "hair" reminds of of Johnny Bravo.

Banana Grandpa

Love the toothless smile

Banana Monster

The almost slimy appearance of the banana makes this carving even better.

Banana Smiling Face

Not sure exactly what this is supposed to be, but it sure looks happy

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