Bacon Makes Everything Better

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This started out as a post about businesses named Bacon.  We love that, because everything really is better with bacon.  Construction companies, insurance companies, farms, medical centers….it all puts us in mind of the bacon explosion.  Never heard of it?  Feast your eyes:

Bacon Explosion

mmmmm.  Bacon.

Things and People Named Bacon

So, here are some businesses who had the good sense to add the word for meat candy in their business name:

Bacon Construction 2

They should have a line item that says “free bacon sandwich with estimate.”  They’d be gazillionaires.

Bacon Insurance

I wonder if the amount of bacon consumed is a factor in determining your life or health insurance rates?  It probably doesn’t affect your car insurance premium, unless you drive around distracted by bacon all the time.

bacon interactive

Every design is better with bacon.

Bacon Law logo

It’s easier to trust a lawyer who gives you bacon.

Bacon Signs

North Dakota is serious about their bacon…signage.

Bacon Road Medical Center

You’ll need to go there if you eat bacon every day like I do.  Wait, did I say that?  I don’t eat bacon every day.  And by “don’t,” I mean I do.

Bacon Farm

I want to go to there.

Dwight Bacon Insurance

What is it about guys named Bacon and insurance?

Earl Bacon Insurance Agency


bacon school

Vote no?  Why?

Roger Bacon High School

In holiness and learning.  Roger, Bacon.

Bacon Party of Canada

This is a real thing.  God love the Canadians.

Oxford Bacon

What would be really funny is if the original manuscript was written in crayon and made no sense whatsoever, but Oxford was all like, “We are tired of English bacon.  Publish this book.”

Vinnie Bacon

Did Vinnie Bacon win in 2008?  Who knows?  We know he ran again in 2010.  If he didn’t, it’s because Californians are all healthy, I bet.

Bacon Governer

Not only is he named Bacon, but he’s a veteran too.  As of 2009, he’d run 20 times for 6 different offices, flip-flopping parties like Katy Perry changes costumes.  He never quite made it, but I think he’s running for Congress now.  We need more bacon in Congress.

Bacon Road Closed


Bacon Products

And then there are all the wonderful bacon-themed products out there.  There are too many to list (without making you *and me* too hungry) but here is a taste.  Taste.  See what I did there?


Stupid lucky babies.


To make those flesh wounds look ultra tasty…




Nothing like combining the two unhealthiest things on the planet – bacon and mayonnaise.  Hey, at least it comes in a “lite” version.


In five years, when these kids ironically post this photo on their Facebook pages (if Facebook is actually around in 5 years), probably at least 16 people will “like” it.


How is it possible to be so horrified, and so very tempted at the same time?  I mean, there were people who thought that squeezable cheese wouldn’t be good, and look how wrong they were.


If this still existed it would probably be on my grocery list every single week.  And all my toast would taste like bacon.  Where is the bad?


Consider the name.  And then figure out how to get yourself some Tactical Bacon.


I heart buttons about hearting things.


Who knew vegetarians had a sense of humor?


OK, so the combination of barium, cobalt, and nitrogen would likely make some sort of wonky alloy, but we can forgive that because of how geeky/cool this looks.


So they don’t sell them in stores, but you could certainly DIY one of these at home.

Random Bacon

Here are the rest – signs people have made bacon-friendly, plays on words, tributes, etc.



bacon hypnosis

It’s working.

bacon hunting

Kind of a stretch?  Nah.


Fun with Sharpies.




Best advertising scheme EVER.

he loved bacon

Photoshop win.

bacon trampoline

One explanation.

floor is bacon

Better explanation.

bacon win

Sometimes the truth hurts.

Yay Bacon

Yay indeed.

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