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At some point in our lives we’ve all had a portrait taken.  When you were younger it was a right of passage to have a family portrait done at least once so that your parents could show off what a beautiful family they had to all their friends and family (though there was nothing beautiful about the outfits our mothers made us wear).  While those portraits were something that we all have had to deal with, they’re nothing compared to the amazing self-portraits that Kam Khan has done of himself, and often including his cat.  Below are some of his amazing self-portraits, but I highly recommend checking out his website to see what other works he has up.

Cat Attack

Nothing worse than a vicious attack cat.

Flame Wings

Somebody read the story of Icarus.

Cat Camera Hog

Hot and Cold

I’ve had mornings like that after a hasty job of shaving.

Extreme Breakfast

It’s depressing to know that no breakfast I ever make will ever be this extreme.

Not my Burger

Nothing worse than a cat trying to steal your burger with their terrible mind powers.

Cat Fight

My money’s on the cat.

Blind Master


A great self-portrait from a classic Spider-Man cover.

Extreme Cooking

From now on, this is how I want to cook all of my meals.

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