Awesome Halloween Costumes


Well, we’re less than a week from Halloween, and so I figured it was time to trot out some of the awesome Halloween costumes that I’ve stumbled across over the last few weeks.  This was harder than you’d think as, surprise internet, most of the ones I came across at first involved costumes for women that didn’t hide much of their bodies.  Glad the web is so mature.

Baby Lobster Costume

Baby Lobster Costume

Alright, let’s all say it together.  Ahhhhhh!  The sole reason I want to have children is for Halloween exploitation just like this.


Bender Costume

I’m so glad Futurama is back.  What’s life without some Bender?  This is a great Bender costume too – the drink and cigar really make it.

Big Daddy

Big Daddy Costume

Ok, so I’ve never played the Bioshock games, but I know that the Big Daddies are badass.  This costume is also badass.  A lot of work went into this costume and it definitely fits the bill as awesome.

Captain Planet

Captain Planet Costume

Apparently retro is in right now, and a Captain Planet costume is definitely retro in my book.  I don’t remember Captain Planet wearing tennis shoes, but other than that, this guy nailed the costume.

Halo Arbiter

Halo Arbiter Costume

Much like Bioshock, I’ve never really played the Halo games.  That being said, the commitment to making this costume is astounding and I for one am impressed with this awesome Halloween costume.

Harvey Birdman

Harvey Birdman Costume

Best legal themed costume EVER.

Leeloo Dallas

Leeloo Dallas Costume

The multipass is what makes this costume.  If she didn’t yell “Leeloo Dallas multipass!” at least once while wearing it, she fails at life.


Legos Costume

This costume could only be more awesome if they made hair, hat, and other attachments for the head.  That would be truly committing to the costume.

Mega Man

Mega Man Costume

Why didn’t they have this awesome Halloween costume when I was a kid?  Kids these days get the best costumes.  So not fair.

Plastic Army Man

Plastic Army Man Costume

This may be the greatest costume I’ve ever seen.  If he didn’t screw with random people while wearing this costume, then he has wasted a perfectly good opportunity to make somebody pee their pants.  And that’s just not right.


Predator Costume

You always see that one person that commits to emptying their bank account and buying the elaborate Predator costume.  And to that person I say…bravo.


Teenwolf Costume

Sure, some of you reading this may not be familiar with the classic film Teenwolf starring Michael J Fox, but trust me when I say that this is an awesome Halloween costume.  It’s an 80s thing.

Wheelchair Batman

Wheelchair Batman Costume

Ok, so this might be a touch insensitive, but I still think this is an awesome costume if you call it Batman after Bane.  In case you’re unfamiliar with the story, in Knightfall, the villain Bane breaks Batman’s back.  I’m guessing that’s not what this guy was going for, but either way, awesome Halloween costume.


Zombie Costume

It wouldn’t be Halloween without at least one zombie costume on this list.  As zombie costumes go, this one is pretty awesome.  The ragged clothing, the exposed bone, the wilted hair.  I know I’d freak out if I saw something like this coming towards me.


Spencer Pratt

And for those that just don’t know what to be for Halloween, there’s always the Douchebag costume.

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