Art Implants, and Other Things That Make Your Mother Cry

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I am totally on board with whatever body modification you want to do.  Seriously.  Who am I to say you shouldn’t get yourself a set of horns, or totally modify your face so that you look like a cat?  It’s YOUR journey, Man.

psst..DBS readers.  You totally want to see pictures, don’t you?  You do!  You cheeky little monkeys.  I can never say no to you…

True Commitment

Stalking Cat

This is Stalking Cat.  He has subdermal implants all over his face to make him look like a cat, and piercings to work for whiskers.  Add some tattoos, and you’ve got one scary (but kinda pretty) looking kitty cat.

This is Lizardman.  Guess what his look is all about?  He’s pretty famous, actually, because in addition to looking like a lizard he can also swallow swords and fire and he knows Slayer.

The Enigma
This is The Enigma.  He has horns, a full-body tattoo, and lots and lots of piercings.  He helped found the Jim Rose Circus, and he was on an episode of The X-Files.  Scullyyyyyy….

Elaine Davidson
Meet Elaine Davidson.  She has 6,725 piercings and is in the Guinness Book of World Records for…owning the most books.  Just kidding.  For having the most piercings, of course.  She has over 500 in her genitals alone.  I think it’s safe to say she has trouble NOT setting off the metal detector in airports.

Explain THIS One at Thanksgiving Dinner

bull ring
“So, Ricky, how was your stay in prison?”  “Good, got this sweet subdermal bullring in my hand.”  “Cool.  Cool.”


“What do your ears look like WITHOUT the circles in them?  Do they wobble to and fro?  Can you throw ’em over your shoulder?  Oh, and you have something on your chin.”

rings under the arm
“I never, ever, ever want to forget that time I got ringworm.  Ever.”

“Is your heart really in this?  I guess it is.”

The Inane

**I know I said I was OK with whatever.  I admire true commitment and conviction, no matter what (so long as it’s harming nobody but yourself, blah blah blah) but these guys?  This is just STUPID.

bagel forehead

These Japanese kids get saline injected into their foreheads via a surgical drip.  Once the skin is full of the liquid, the recipient pokes it to make the attractive “bagel” design you see above.  Sexy.

This guy got an ear surgically implanted on his arm.  Is it a real ear?  Whose was it?  Don’t they want it back?  Obviously dude can’t hear through it, so what is it for?  Body mod…fail?

plastic surgery like whoa
Damn.  Just, damn.

You got more?  Want to mouth off to me because you are a body mod enthusiast?  Have something else to say?  Say it!

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