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So I’d be lying if I said I’m an Apple user.  That being said, It was fun to find some of these skins, etchings, and other designs that Apple owners have found for decorating their Apple products while still displaying the Apple logo that lets others know that they’re hip.

Pirate Crossbones iPad decal

I’m pretty sure Apple frowns in piracy, but then maybe only digital piracy.  Open seas are perfectly ok.

Bowler Hat Man decal

I can’t see any version of this piece of work without thinking of The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan.

Apple Pirate decal

This pirate decal features crossed swords.  AVAST!

Bart Simpson Apple decal

Bart doesn’t strike me as computer savvy…of course that’s probably why he’s on an Apple computer.

Batman decal

The Batman insignia is far less imposing when there’s a white apple in the middle of it.

Caged Apple decal

I actually really like this one.  Very clever.

Captain America decal

I’m not sure if Apple screams “patriotic”, but having Captain America on there certainly can’t hurt.

Carmen Miranda decal

This decal would be better if Apple was actually Banana.

Chain Apple decal

This is a metaphor for how much freedom you have when using Apple products.

Iron Man decal

I’ve seen this one in person, and it is pretty cool.

Eaten Apple decal

Take a bite out of crime?

ET decal


Eve and Serpent decal

Sure, the Apple may represent the fruit from the tree of knowledge, but that fruit was forbidden and got Adam and Eve kicked out of Paradise.  I wish the serpent had a turtleneck on.

Forbidden Apple decal

I think the makers of these decals are assuming that Apple users won’t get the joke.

Green Joker decal

It looks like the Joker is crushing the Apple.  Pinch!

Headless Horseman decal

Very clever.  I can see Icabod Crane being scared.

Homer Eating Apple decal

Nom nom nom nom

Home Reaching decal

He’s going to be really disappointed when he realizes that’s not a donut.

B/W Iron man decal

Can’t decide if I like the Apple logo better in his chest or his hand.

The Joker decal

I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t eat that Apple.

Michael Jackson decal

My only complaint with this decal is that the Apple logo isn’t incorporated into the image like the others.  Still, a nice representation of the King of Pop.

Rat iPad decal

Rats always struck me as preferring Android operating system.  Everybody knows rats prefer Linux based systems.

Shark Apple decal

Jaws there will be disappointed to find out that’s not Roy Scheider.

Snow White decal

Very fitting, given Snow White’s relationship with apples.

Soccer decal

Everybody loves a good bicycle kick decal.  Especially in a World Cup year.

Young Steve Jobs decal

Isn’t it a sin to show the Jobs as a youth?  I’m pretty sure I read that somewhere.

Steve Jobs decal

There’s the turtleneck we all know and love.

Super Mario decal

Is that fireball Mario?  Really hard to tell when he’s in black and white.

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