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Nature that seems unnatural to us always fascinates.  Every now and then you find some pictures on the internet that truly make you wonder what the circumstances were when the picture was taken.  Other times, you don’t even want to know.  Here are some of the best pictures we could find of animals riding on other animals – but not in a gross way.

Bear Riding Horse

This doesn’t, to my knowledge, happen naturally.  However, at the Guilin Bear and Tiger Mountain Villa in China, they teach bears to do tricks.  There are animal performances and feeding shows each day with their 1300 tigers and 400 bears.  Ethical?  Dunno.

Bird Riding Bird

Bird hitching a ride with another bird.  Any comments?

Bird Riding Camel

They both look very happy, don’t they?

Cat Riding a Horse

He’s an old cowhand.  From the Rio Grande.  Cute hat.

Cat on Dog

A mouse.  ON a cat.  On a dog.  Weird.

Cat Riding Turtle

Does the turtle look ticked?  I think the turtle looks ticked.  The cat doesn’t even look smug.  It looks like it’s a little worried that the turtle is ticked.

Chick on Kitten

Kittens are great for picking up chicks.

Dog Riding Dog II

The funniest thing about this is that it looks like the bigger dog’s chain is the bridle and the little dog is, like, steering the big dog.

Dog Riding Dog

A majestic Chihuahua riding a Newfoundland?  Is that a Newfoundland?  That Chihuahua sure is majestic.

Kitten Riding Pig

I don’t think anybody put that kitten on that pig.  I think that kitten got up there all on his own.

Kitten Riding Rooster

While this is adorable, I fear for the rooster and the kitten equally.

Lion Riding Horse

Back to China, the animal park at Xiamen in Fujian delights in exploiting animals.  I hear the conditions are poor.  Someone needs to swoop in there and stop the madness.

Monkey Riding Bull

That monkey is fearless.

Monkey Riding Dog 2.

Poor tired monkey.

Monkey Riding Dog 2

This is a picture from Team Ghost Riders – Tim Lepard’s traveling monkeys-riding-dogs act.  He used to be a bullfighter, and now he does this.

Monkey Riding Goat

Not only is this monkey riding a goat, but the goat is about to walk on a tightrope.

Mouse Riding Frog

To get to the other side?

Snail on Frog

Again, I say, Cute Hat.

Jack Russels on a pony

If you travel to Peglar’s Farm in Gloucestershire, you may see this.

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