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So a while back we showed you animals riding other animals.  Now we bring you (drum roll, please) Cats & Wild Animals Trapped Weird Places!  You never know where an animal is going to show up.  Actually, for most of us, that is totally not the case, since we don’t generally let our dogs climb out of second floor windows, and I bet you don’t even know anyone with a buffalo.  Or maybe you do.  Not judging.  But take a look at these photos, and let us know if you have seen stranger.  I wish the Animals Talking in All Caps guy, Justin, would caption some of these.

Elephant trapped in a Hole

Elephant in a Hole

Some might ask how this elephant got in this hole.  Others might ask how one would go about getting the elephant out of the hole.  It’s a glass empty, glass full kind of thing.  No, it’s not.  It’s a what came first, the elephant or the….never mind.

Cow stuck in a Pole

Cow Pole

This one really makes you wish you could hear the thoughts of animals ala Dr. Doolittle.  What on earth possessed this cow to stick its head through there?  To get better reception?

Alligator (or Crocodile?) Calling

Gator Calling

Man, Avon is really getting desperate for new reps.

Boar-ing Kitchen


At least they had the foresight to put the trash cans on the counter where the (wild boar?) couldn’t reach them.

Buffalo in the Room


I’ve heard about the “elephant in the room,” but I guess the elephant is in a hole, so this is the next best thing.  Hey Buffalo.  You’d make a better door than a window.  Nudge over a bit.

Carlisle the Cat the Amazing Contortionist Trapped

Cat Jar

And for my next trick….

Other Cats in Places

We can’t say “weird places” for two reasons.  1.  Nothing is weirder than the jar thing.  2.  Cats get in all sorts of places all the time.  Like these three:

Cat Fridge

Guess it’s time to turn the heat down.

Cat Hanger

Reason 657 to keep the dry cleaner’s bag on the pants until you wear them.  And, who hangs up their jeans?  Really.

Kitty Side Pocket

Kitteh.  Corner pocket.


Caught in the Act

“Really Sir.  We’re only keeping you in the squad car for your safety.”


Lion Bus

“Can this thing go any faster?  There’s a linens sale at Macy’s!”


Dogs can do some pretty funny things.

Dont Jump

This calls for one of two fake dialog interchanges.

1.  Firefighters:  “You have every reason to live!”  Dog:  “No I don’t!”

2. Dog:  “They’ll never suspect this!  Bombs away!”

Dog Beer

I don’t even care if this is photo-shopped.  I want a dog just like this.

I Can See My House From Here

“Guys!  Guys!  GUYS!  I can see my house from here!”


Monkey Biscuit

The camping trip wasn’t so great.  Joey got poison ivy all over himself, and a monkey ate all the biscuits.  Next year we’re going to Vegas.


The Service Here Sucks

“Ho hum.  The service here really sucks.”



“Put the cameras away and I’ll unlock the door.  I do NOT want to be on COPS.  Again.”


Sheep Roof

Insert shepherd joke here.

Ram Wire

And here, while you’re at it.

And Finally

The Dangers of Flooding

As if floods weren’t dangerous all on their own, now we have THIS to worry about.

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