Crazy Crossbreeding in Photoshop

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There are a lot of places you can find where artists are using computers to manipulate images, but I stumbled across Jan Oliehoek and was just blown away by what he’s done.  His image manipulations of animals is nothing short of spectacular, and I just had to share some of his work. Jan was kind enough to provide some of his unpublished and new work here on Digital Bus Stop. Enjoy and stop by his site to see additional artwork by this talented artist.


You won’t find this little guy on Jan’s website, but he’s absolutely adorable.  Looks like a combination of a mouse and a duck.

Lightbulb in Heaven

Ok, so it’s not an animal, but it’s a really great image, and another one that you won’t find on Jan’s website.  I’m doing you a favor here people.

Making Friends

Cute little animals and a girl making friends.  Love the heart in the voice bubble.

Baby Dragon

Raise your hands if you DON’T want a miniature dragon to take around with you.  It’d be way better than a Zippo lighter.

Candle Fish

Similar to those Angler Fish you see pictures of, without the creepy teeth and nightmare inducing faces.

While every cat I’ve ever known was just as adept at getting wherever it wanted as any gecko, the little sticky fingers make this oddly cute.

Hippo Frog

My only worry with this little guy would be that hippos are notoriously mean.

Water Giraffe

This is how I always imagined giraffe’s actually got into the water.

Hairless Cow

Part cow part cat, all hairless, all cute.

Frog Hippo

Another hippo frog…this one looks like he’s giving the stink eye.  Told you they were mean.

Jelly Fish Robots

A nightmare combination of a jellyfish and something out The Matrix.

Underwater Hamster

This little guy appears to have gotten in over his head.  Looks like a still from a Disney movie.

Gecko Zebra

The day scientists start creating little Zebra Gecko mixes I will be the first in line to get one.  SO CUTE!

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