Animal Lipstick Art – Painted Lips


While hunting through I found a very clever body paint artist, Viridis-Somnio. She has been extremely creative with her lipstick application and painted her lips to resemble some animals in a very unique way. It certainly doesn’t hurt that she has a killer set of lips to work with and her attention to detail is nothing to stick your tongue out at. Don’t give this art the kiss off, come and get a taste of her lipstick artwork. We look forward to seeing more of her art, whether it is on her luscious lips, other body parts or whatever. 😉

Foxy Lipstick Art

My favorite lip painting. Don’t you just love the fluffy tail?


Endangered Panda Lips

These lips should be on the endangered list.


These Lips Bee Good

Bumble Bee lipstick art may have a slight sting when kissed.

Bad Luck Lips

Be careful not to let these black cat lips cross your path.


Pikachu Lips

Ummm…I’ve got nothing here. Suggested puns and jokes should be left in comments.


Crabby Lips?

These lips look anything but crabby.


Everchanging Chameleon Lips

Perfect for any woman, lips that can change color with your mood.


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