Amazing Parkour Dogs

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Amazing Parkour Dogs

Perhaps parkour dogs are just cats that are confused. I think if I tried to make my dog run up a wall & jump across fence posts, he’d probably bite me in retaliation, and would be justified in doing so. However, there are some incredible athletic & talented dogs out there who can run the urban jungles & natural terrain better than most humans can, they are the parkour dogs.

First up is Roxy, a Thai Ridgeback Mix from Hawaii. She has incredible agility & athletic ability. This film won first place in the Hawaii Pet Film Festival.

Check out Parkour Dog Roxy’s TV debut.

My first reaction to watching this clip of TreT, the 4 1/2 year old American Staffordshire Terrier from the Ukraine who can run up trees & over barriers better than I can was, “Holy shazbot!”

If urban parkour isn’t quite your thing, how about TreT kicking it up medieval country style, scaling castle walls & jumping gaps 20 feet high.

Another video of the awe inspiring TreT, this time running across construction sites & monkey bars.

TreT, the Ukrainian parkour dog is amazing! 3FishMan has a total of 8 videos of TreT posted so far.

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