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So it’s been raining outside for more hours than I’d care to count, and while doing my typical random pokings about the the internet, I found myself looking at an increasing number of images of lightning striking.  So here are some of the more amazing lightning strike images I found.  Enjoy.

Ball Lightning

A picture of some ball lightning taken by a woman in England.

Building Strike

Apparently this building in Dubai has a bad habit of being struck by lightning.  I wonder why that is.

Coastal Lightning

I’ll admit that the image looks a bit doctored, but either way it’s an impressive shot of lightning on a beach.

Double Building Strike

An amazing photo of a double lightning strike on two buildings.

Lightning Fork

It’s like a tuning fork…except it’s lightning.

Lightning on the Water

Sure, the lightning looks like it’s hitting land on the other side of the water, but I still don’t know why anybody would want to be in the water with a storm like that going on.

Lightning Storm

There are lightning storms and then there’s this insanity.

Multiple Strikes

The varying colored lights at ground level add an interesting effect to all these lightning strikes.

Plane Strike

It’s not the greatest photo, but that’s a plane being struck by lightning.  Bet you’re glad you’re not on that flight.

Thick Lightning

It’s only a single bolt, but the shear size of that single bolt of lightning is a little intimidating.

Tornado and Lightning

Tornadoes and lightning together.  This is why I don’t live in Kansas anymore.

Tree Strike

Not only did the lightning take out the tree, but it went out of its way to do it.  That’s just rude.

Tree Strike 2

Another tree being taken out.  What did trees ever do to lightning?

Volcano Lightning

Lightning at the site of an erupting volcano.  Be somewhere else.

Volcano Lightning 2

Another lightning storm at a volcano.  I imagine this is what the End of Days will look like.

Got you own amazing lighting strike picture?  Let’s see it.  Send them to DigitalBusStop (at) gmail (dot) com.

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