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We may have done it before, but these are even better.

Dog Ram Lizard

Dog Ram Lizard

Nothing is more fearsome than a dogramlizard.

Dog Shark

Dog Shark

Except maybe the puppyshark.


Doggy Caterpillar




The inspiration behind the Harry Potter creature?  More like inspired BY it.


German Shephard Squirrel

The funny part of it is the look on his face.  He looks so much sadder than a normal squirrel.


I Dont Know

I’m at a loss.


Koala Pug

Will it attack your face, or merely sit on your feet?


Lhasa Centipede

Creepy, crawly, AND cuddly?  I think my head just exploded.


Mastiff Seal

And I can get one of these where?


Predator Pug

And…let the nightmares commence.


Puppy Chick

Creepy or cute?

Pit Hare

Rabbit Pit Bull

This is just wrong.


Rooster Canine

Fetches the paper AND wakes you up in the morning.


Robin Dog

All I can think about is how birds have no sphincter control, and how much different dog poop is from bird poop.  Sorry.

Wolf Jay

Wolf Blue Jay

Same here, added to the memory of being attacked by a Blue Jay as a child, and thinking about what if that Blue Jay had a wolf face?  Time to call the ol’ therapist.


Tiger Retriever

Much better than that time I tried to paint our family dog.  Less blood.  Fewer tears.

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