Adriana Lima Victoria’s Secret Babe



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One of the most beautiful women on the planet, Adriana Lima was 2010’s Victoria’s Secret Holiday SuperModel. I think we can all agree they chose exceptionally wisely. This sexy model will do a lot to sell Victoria Secret lingerie. Not a bad place to shop as they were listed as one of the best online lingerie stores and with models like Adriana helping to sell their lingerie, I can see why.


Even with a defensive arms crossed pose, this Victoria’s Secret model invites more than a passing glance. Ms. Lima radiates beauty in blue.

Okay, it’s Adriana Lima’s hair in this photograph, right? I mean her body is kicking, but her hair is the most amazing asset in the photograph. Victoria’s Secret hair stylists are doing something right.


I mean, what can you say? I’m sure Photoshop helped out here, but this woman is stunningly beautiful. She may simply be a Victoria’s Secret Supermodel, but Adriana Lima sure used her 15 minutes of fame wisely.


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