7 Essential Android Apps for College Students


Getting work done as a college student can be pressing without the proper tools. How many times have you gotten to class and forgot that you left an assignment back in your dorm? Note taking can be an important aspect of college life as well, but handwritten notes can be hard to decipher after the fact. Check out these seven apps that are designed to help college students excel at their studies, no matter their field.

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is currently one of the best-synced storage solutions. Any folders created within your Dropbox interface will instantly sync across any other computers you have on your network, including your Android phone. You can also set up folders with special permissions so that any items you add to it are synced with other Dropbox users. This can be a great way to collaborate on a project with multiple people, since versions are always up to date.

Price: Free

2. Evernote

The quality of your notes can affect how well you do in a class, so making sure your notes are top-notch is very important as a college student. The Evernote app can help you with this by allowing you to take snapshots, voice notes, or even recording text notes so you can go over everything you covered in class later. It even features the ability to set up specific folders so you can organize notes by class, or use Evernote for other things aside from class work.

Price: Free

3. Astrid

Astrid is a powerful to-do list app that will allow you to keep your tasks on hand, no matter where you are. While most to-do list apps are pretty basic, Astrid one-ups them my providing the ability to set deadlines, manage your tasks according to their priority and add small notes to keep your tasks organized. The search feature is fully functional and allows you to sort through your tasks according to date, title and importance so you can find what needs to be done quickly and what can be put off.

Price: Free

4. GPA Calculator

If you’re attending college on scholarships based on maintaining a specific GPA, you know how nerve wrecking it can be to receive an exam and not know how it will affect your GPA in the long term. GPA Calculator will help you with this problem by allowing you to enter all of your exams then it will compute their effect on your GPA. This way when you get your mid-term reports there will be no surprises and you can immediately find the areas where you need to work on your grades.

Price: Free

5. WikiDroid

While Wikipedia is certainly not a credible source for college students to cite in their papers because of its open nature, it is certainly a great place to get started in learning more about a topic. While the Wiki itself is unreliable, it can often be beneficial to check out the article on a topic for any references that are used in the bottom of the article. These are often from more credible sources that would be accepted in a college term paper. WikiDroid gives you access to Wikipedia in a better format than the standard web page, making it easy to access no matter where you are.

Price: Free

6. Mint

Keeping track of your finances can be a hard think to balance in between going to class and work. Mint helps you stay on top of your finances by automatically generating an overview of your current finances, including any debts you owe on major credit cards, your current balance on your bank account, as well as other balances like PayPal. You can set up categories to label purchases so they’re instantly applied to a specific category to get a good overview of how you spend your money each month. Mint is very handy for keeping on top of your money before your money gets the best of you.

Price: Free

7. DroidScan

DroidScan is the only paid app on the list, but it is well worth it for the function it performs. Using your phone’s camera you can snap a picture of any document and DroidScan will adjust the angle and clean up the image so that it looks more like a scan. This is great for banking services that allow you to make deposits by scanning checks. The other benefit of the application is that it syncs directly with Evernote and Google Docs, so if you’re handed a piece of paper in class, you can use DroidScan to quickly scan it and upload it directly to your Evernote account.

Price: $6.99


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