5 Futuristic Luxury Hotel Concepts That Make You Wish for Tomorrow

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We already live in a world where more luxurious hotels are being designed and built by the second. Cities like Dubai and Singapore are leading the way in modern luxurious design and are before the forefront of media coverage and public attention. Dubai recently erected the tallest hotel (and building, for that matter) in the world. Singapore recently finished building their newest hotel spectacle, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel: a three tower hotel with a huge cruise ship balancing across the top.

The design growth isn’t stopping here though – there are more and more hotel concepts popping up every week, and it seems like new, brave, futuristic designs are being drawn up by the minute. With all our high levels of technology and the high quality material we can now source – it seems the sky is the limit.

1. The Death Star Lunar Hotel

It’s the beautiful curves and shape of this hotel that makes it so beautiful. It’s no doubt going to be the kind of property that people flock to – just because it looks so good. We’re thinking along the same lines of the Burj al Arab in Dubai. The hotel is planned to be built in Baku and will be a mix of residential properties and luxury hotel rooms (for those who can afford it!)

2. The Poseidon Underwater Hotel

If you ever dreamt of being a mermaid when you were younger (or Sponge Bob Square Pants) this is the hotel choice for you. Ok, it’s not going to be open for a long time, and you’ll have to fork out some flights to Fiji– but the finished result will be a stunning underwater development , where instead of looking out to sea from your balcony – you’ll be looking up through the sea from your glass ceiling. We’re sold.

3. The inflatable space hotel

Soon, our holidays won’t just be limited to earth. This hotel design will see guests shoot into space and enjoy the rush of space travel and the incredible views of earth that can only be experience from that kind of setting. It doesn’t come cheap either – at a whopping $1 million a night per person. It’s also a long way off completion; the technology to provide guests with this kind of experience is still in the making.

4. The Lunatic Hotel: On the Moon

Although space travel seems exciting, the designers behind this hotel concept are hoping that staying on the moon will bring a “retro feel” to the ultra-modern idea of jetting into space. Guests will have luxury accommodation whilst staying on the moon, and will sleep in ‘pods’ which will act as luxury sleeping suites. The experience is hoping to open to the public in 2015 – which is still a long way off. And we’re still curious as to how we’d send a postcard home.

5. Waterworld – China

Waterworld is China’s equivalent to building an entire town full of everything an adventure seeker would ever require. The hotel feature below ground levels which are in fact underwater – but the water pool around the hotel provides swimmers with a vast space to enjoy themselves, and also provides an almost natural setting to what is actually something man-made. The rock area around the sides of the hotel will provide rock climbing and abseiling too – so this really is a hotel for the adventure seeker inside you. It’s not built yet – but the design has won awards so the concept looks to be going ahead.

Article written by the folks at Ladbrokes Bingo.

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