5 Bingo Cards You Probably Never Knew Existed

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Bridal Shower Bingo Card

Bingo fans everywhere are incorporating a game of bingo into the important events in their lives – an example of which are these personalised Bridal Shower bingo cards. Each card comes with 25 squares, all of which have either the name of presents a bride can typically expect to receive from her wedding guests, people who’ll be at her wedding or events that may happen during the wedding. Typical presents include chopping board, salad spinner and tablecloth, whilst people who’ll be at her wedding include bridesmaids and husband (let’s hope so). Events include vows and toast. The bridal shower organiser will usually organise a prize for the winner such as a spa day.



Baby Shower Bingo Cards

The next big event in many brides’ lives is starting a family, and these baby shower bingo cards make it easy for bingo fans to include a game of bingo in their celebrations. The cards have 25 squares that are full of the names of items that are relevant to ensuing parenthood including mobile, booties, blanket and rubber ducky – and the one we really love which is “cuddle” as it’s bound to make just about every woman in the room broody. The organiser should again sort out a prize, which for a room full of broody women should perhaps be a romantic weekend away for two.



Butlers Bingo Christmas Cards

Whilst a spa day and a romantic weekend for two are not to be sniffed at – true bingo fans would also love the opportunity to play for some Christmas Cash – which they can do every day at Butlers Bingo in the run up to Christmas. You can play a new game every day right up to Christmas day and each day you’ll be able to win a Butlers Bingo Bonus – and somebody will win a grand prize of £1,000 – wouldn’t that be great for Christmas. If you’re not a member of Butlers Bingo yet, you’re also eligible for £10 of FREE PLAY just for becoming a member and a superb first deposit bonus.



Film Fan Bingo Cards

Film fans will love bingo cards such as these Twilight cards which celebrate the very popular series of films. The 25 square cards all have pictures of Twilight characters in them from both the werewolf and vampire clans (definitely a game to sink your teeth into). These cards can be used for any occasion, but are especially popular for birthdays or at fan conventions. Popular characters include Bella, Edward, Jacob, Carlisle, Esme, Alice, Emmett, Rosalie, Jasper and Renesmee. Simply cross off the faces as they’re called out – or if you really want to feel like a Twilight Star – you might want to sharpen your claws and scratch them off.



Breaking Bad Bingo Cards

Breaking Bad is one of the best and biggest TV shows of the last few years and these cards celebrate every element of the show. The 25 squared cards incorporate some of the most memorable moments of the show such as the long dramatic close ups of Walt’s face, Jesse screwing up and “Better call Saul”. The cards will no doubt stir enough memories of the show to make fans reach for their box-sets with a vengeance to see which ones of their favourite bits they’d have included. For prizes for your Breaking Bad get together we advise buying some online bingo tickets for Butlers Bingo to give to the winner because, where hopefully you’ll win a jackpot and can then provide your family with a great future without having to make Crystal Meth.




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