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Some many call it graffiti, others may call it art.  I tend to think that if it makes a once completely ordinary-looking wall look extraordinary, it can’t be a bad thing.  Because of a little (and by little, I mean pretty popular) Facebook page called StreetArtUtopia (check them out) I learned that street art can take a myriad of different forms, and can be executed using many different types of artistic mediums.  A while back, I interviewed Micheal Neff for another site and realized that many artists find inspiration in city streets.  Here are 25 amazingstreetart photos that will make you believe thatart truly is everywhere.  And that, unless commissioned, there are potentially a lot of people who got tickets for graffiti.

Norway BarnArt

Barn Art

While it’s not in a city (it’s smack in the middle of Norway), this barnartis simply lovely.  Is it Alice?


Carry That Weight Street Art

CLET, an artist in Florence, Italy, created this modification to a “No Entry” sign.

OtherStreetArtFrom Around the World

City Head Street Art

Bassano del Grappa, Italy. Artist unknown by me.

Crack in the Sidewalk Street Art

Trompe Loeil unknown city, unknown artist, and speculated that it’s Photoshopped, but plenty of people have rushed to its defense, saying that it is real.  In fact, people have said that it’s not that good.

Demon Street Art

A promo for the game Gears of War.  Check out this speeded-up video to watch artist Kurt Wenner at work.

Dove Street Art

Banksy, a controversial UK street artist, created this on a wall in Bethleham near more than forty people were shot during an Intafada.  The artist drew a crowd of about 80 people, and the piece was finished by local children when the artist was forced to leave.  The people of Bethleham said, in 2007 when the artist painted the dove, that it represented exactly the situation presented by the Israeli occupation of Bethleham.

Elephant Mural Street Art

Mentalgassi collective had Lisa Jelliffe and Kirsten Rutherford of Brothers and Sisters create this portrait of Troy Davis, a man who has sat on death row for 19 years.  If you look at it dead on, you only see bars, and from the side you see Davis’s face.  Theartwas created for Amnesty International, who believe that Davis should go free.  Davis is accused of shooting a man named Michael Cooper in the face, and for killing ex-Army ranger Mark Allen MacPhail with a .38-caliber gun.  The evidence, while not wholly conclusive, was enough for the Grand Jury to deny any appeals made by Davis, and a new appeal filed in January 2011 with the Supreme Court claimed that the 11th Circuit was hostile during Davis’s August 2010 appeal and asked for a new trial.  The Supreme Court rejected the request and a new execution date will be set.

Here is a video of the street art’s creation:

Joker Street Art

Why so serious? –  Joker Street Art

Mario Street Art

Great, now I have the underground Super Mario song stuck in my head.

No Smoking Street Art

creative PSA?

Rabbit Stair Street Art

By ROA, a Belgian artist, this bunny is painted in the UK.  ROA has createdstreetartin Los Angeles, San Francisco, all over the UK, all over New York, and other places.

Shining Street Art

Painted on a wall in Berlin, this homage street art to the film The Shining is beautifully done.

Stairs Street Art Pantone

“And she’s buy-eye-ing the stairway-ay, to Pantone.”  Located in Wuppertal, Germany, this amazing stairstreet artwas created by artist Horst Glasker.  The words on the stairs describe feelings – love, terror, trust, despair, and hope, among others.

Straw Street Art

More Mentalgassi.

Tea Street Art

Artist unknown by me, but I love a French Bulldog, don’t you?

Tree Art

Not exactly street art, but creepy woodart.  Author and location unknown.  How would you like to see this walking in the forest?  I’d wager it’s not something you would soon forget.

Wading Street Art

I’m pretty sure this is sculpture street art.  Right?  We don’t know who did it, but I wish they would do it more often.  I just hope the little guys didn’t get run over.

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