10 Movie Product Tie-Ins


Just about every modern movie has some kind of product placement tie-in. It’s for financial reasons mostly – companies pay to have the characters drive their cars/eat their food/wear their clothes/etc.  However, some movies do it better than others.  Here are ten of the best movie product tie-ins ever.

The Italian Job – Mini Coopers

The Italian Job

Both the original and the remake featuring Mark Wahlberg and Charlize Theron prominently feature Mini-Coopers in the final part of the movie. Let’s be honest, after that final chase scene through the subway and to the train station, I’m sure more than one person wanted to go out and buy a new Mini.

Fight Club – IKEA

Fight Club

It doesn’t get brought up quite as much later in the film, but early on, Ed Norton’s character obsesses over his IKEA catalog, constantly buying new products from it as he feels it gives him a sense of purpose.  I can attest that an IKEA catalog can have that effect on you.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle – White Castle

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

I think this one is pretty much a gimme. I mean White Castle is in the title of the movie, and the entire premise of the film is their desire to get there and have some sliders.  I’d be interested to know how much traffic to White Castle increased after the release of the movie.

Demolition Man – Taco Bell

Demolition Man

I’m sure that the film always intended their to be Franchise Wars with one fast food chain being the winner, but I’d like to know whether they offered the spot to all the franchises or if somebody was just a big fan of Taco Bell and decided that was it (though I’m sure they still paid for it).  Either way, I don’t know if I could live in a world where every restaurant was called Taco Bell.

Transformers – Chevy Camaro


For those of us that remember the classic Transformers cartoons, Bumblebee was always a VW Bug – hence the name.  However, with GM supplying all the vehicles for the movie (with the exception of Optimus Prime), Michael Bay changed Bumblebee from his classic appearance to a classic Camaro, and then into the all new model.  Fortunately, there was an homage to his classic form when Sam is first buying him.

James Bond – Aston Martin

James Bond

Sure, there were a few Bond movies where he drove a BMW, but let’s be honest, when you think of cars and James Bond, you think of the Aston Martin.

E.T. – Reese’s Pieces


I don’t know a child that doesn’t know exactly which candy Elliot used to lure E.T. into his home.  Personally I’ve never had a taste for them, but I’m sure they’re quite appealing to aliens.

Castaway – Wilson


Sure, there’s a FedEx tie-in as well, but Tom Hanks’ companion while on the island is a Wilson brand volleyball that he names Wilson.  As many times as he says the name in the movie, you’d think the producers would have made Wilson pay per naming.

Back to the Future – Delorean

Back to the Future

Sure, it’s nearly impossible to get your hands on one now, but let’s be honest, if you see a Delorean driving down the street, what’s the first thing you think of? Back to the Future should be your answer.  Three movies have made sure that this car will never be forgotten.

Top Gun – US Navy

Top Gun

The entire film is a promo for the US Navy.  The filmmakers offered to sell the US Navy ad-space at the beginning of the film, but the Navy decided the movie itself was enough of a promo.  The Navy said that after the release of the film, enrollment in the Navy with hopes of being an aviator jumped 500 percent.  Not too shabby.

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