10 Great Movie Cameos

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Movie cameos have been going on for almost as long as there have been movie stars, though it hasn’t only been limited to them. Director Alfred Hitchcock cameod in 39 of his 52 films, turning it into almost something of a game amongst his fans to spot him in his brief time on screen. In recent years, more and more movies are featuring cameos to add an element of humor and surprise to movies. Here are 10 of the best.

Chuck Norris – Dodgeball

Chuck Norris in Dodgeball

Sure, Lance Armstrong cameod in the film too, but thanks to Chuck Norris, Average Joe’s was able to win the dodgeball tournament, causing Ben Stiller’s character to famously utter at the end of the film “F**kin’ Chuck Norris.” Talk like that is how you get a round house kick Ben.

Mike Tyson – The Hangover

Mike Tyson in the Hangover

Arguably one of the best films of 2009, everybody knew Mike Tyson had a cameo in the film thanks to the previews, but even knowing he was going to be in the film couldn’t prepare us for how funny he would be.

Billy Idol – The Wedding Singer

Billy Idol in the Wedding Singer

A hilarious movie featuring Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler, Billy Idol played himself, though you’d think they could have done something to make him look just a bit younger.

Jay and Silent Bob – Scream 3

Jay and Silent Bob in Scream 3

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes not only cameod in Scream 3, but they did it as their characters Jay and Silent Bob, themselves often little more than cameo characters in the majority of Kevin Smith’s movies.

Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder

Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder

A great cast, a hilarious script, and the whole thing was nearly stolen by Tom Cruise playing a fat, balding studio executive. Cruise’s turn as Les Grossman stands as one of the best cameos of all time and may just lead to a film entirely about Les Grossman. I’d watch it.

Ben Stiller, Luke Wilson, Tim Robbins – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy

Anchorman Fight Scene

Will Farrell has a habit of getting his friends to cameo in his movies, but none of them can top the anchor fight in Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgandy. An already hilarious film has an impromptu fight amongst news teams that resembles something out of West Side Story. Cinema gold.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon – Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon in Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Affleck in particular has had roles in previous Kevin Smith films, but when Jay and Silent Bob stumble upon the set of the fictional Good Will Hunting 2: Hunting Season, Damon and Affleck are brilliant. Ben Affleck telling security “That’s b*llsh*t, cuz I wasn’t with a hooker today. Haha!” is hilarious and makes you actually like Affleck.

David Bowie – Zoolander

David Bowie in Zoolander

When Zoolander and Hansel are trying to decide who will judge their walk off, Bowie offers his services. He really is the only logical choice.

Stan Lee – Almost every Marvel Film ever

Stan Lee in Iron Man

Stan Lee just might be the new Alfred Hitchcock as it’s turned into something of a game to see where he’s going to crop up in the increasing number of movies being created based on the Marvel Comics he’s created through the years.

Bill Murray – Zombieland

Bill Murray in Zombieland

How can you make a great movie like Zomebieland and make it even better? Give Bill Murray a cameo.

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